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Shalom! Welcome to our Biblical Films Network (BFN), Donation Page! 

          Biblical Films Network (BFN) was born out of COLSAC (The Coleman & Smith Artistic Company) which operated as a non-profit, charitable organization whose mission included outreach to disadvantaged youth through theater arts. For well over a decade, COLSAC provided training and mentoring for young minds, many of whom used that springboard as a foundation for their careers to this day. BFN has continued this mission, working with hundreds of kids on stage, film, and behind the scenes, keeping a focus on family-friendly and faith-inspiring projects and programs. Through its subsidiary, The Film Factory, the founders of BFN have been blessed to have executed several award-winning, Kingdom building projects over the years. Including the kid's driven Cookies & Crime, which won the best religious film award at The Burbank International Film Festival. From the beginning, COLSAC would not have been able to reach so many young people without the help, support and donations of like-minded individuals like you, and we still need your help as much as ever as we expand the mission field with our website and app (BFN All Access). Website/App development, upkeep, and maintenance are quite demanding, but your charitable donations will help us to keep creating the high-quality, family-affirming, and faith-based programming that God has blessed us to accomplish.

You can also support BFNs mission by signing up for our BFN All Access app on Roku TV or any Roku device with just a small donation of $5/monthly or $60 for the whole year to get exclusive content only available through our app. 

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