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BFN NEWS: Hasbro Reboots Transformers

Updated: May 3, 2019

In the wake of the critically acclaimed Transformers spin-off “Bumblebee”, Hasbro has confirmed that the film was actually the start of a new series. Hasbro referred to the new film as the beginning “of a new storytelling universe”. (Source:Movieweb)

Michael Bay has been attached to the Transformers series for ten years. Altogether his five films have grossed $4 billion. Bumblebee marks the first live action Transformers film that he didn’t direct. However, he did serve as a producer. (

There’s been no official word if Bay will direct another Transformers film in this new series. However, that might be the best thing for the blockbuster director since he was once quoted as saying

“To tell the truth, shooting action bores me now. But the audience has grown to like what I do and expect visually stimulating excitement. Staying in that genre is me being safe.” (Source: IMDB)

Since Bumblee grossed over $400 million worldwide a sequel has indeed been

announced. However, there’s been no word on when it will come out, or if any of the characters from Bumblebee will return.(Source: Movieweb)

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