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BFN NEWS: Liam Neeson Controversy

Updated: May 3, 2019

While promoting his new film “Cold Pursuit” actor Liam Neeson recanted a personal story of revenge with the British News site “The Independent”. (Source: The Independent)

Neeson told a story of how someone close to him was sexually assaulted by a black male. He went on to say that he would occasionally go out to bars hoping that a “black *****” would attack him so that he’d have a reason to “kill” them. (Source: The Independent)

Despite showing remorse for his actions in the interview, many took issue with

Neeson’s story. Director Ava Duvernay quoted the story in a Twitter post saying

“When people ask me what white privilege is. Imagine if this was Will Smith”. (Source: Twitter)

Others have shown support for him as well. Actress Michelle Rodriguez was quoted as saying “Liam Neeson is not racist” “He’s a good man”. (Source Vanity Fair)

Neeson has since been asked about his comments to which he said while having these feelings of revenge he seeked help from friends, and his priest. He went on to say ‘I’m not racist”. (Good Morning America)

Neeson said he hoped by telling his story people would learn “to talk, to open up about these things”. (Good Morning America)

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